mPower6 for funding

school programs | sports teams | AAU organizations

for all ages.

We believe in fundraising, not handouts. With each donation, mPower6 encourages participating children to get involved in community service – and a portion of the funds is given to charity. The app teaches children the value of working for monetary donations and the ethics of giving back. This is where mPower6 separates itself from the competition.

mPower6 is a fundraising app used to quickly and easily generate funds for school programs, sports teams, and AAU organizations for all ages. Programs use our platform to reach out to family, friends, and the general public in search of donations for their program. The simplicity of the mPower6 app allows the coach or director to focus on the children and their program.

When we think of our platform and what we do for our customers, the biggest word that keeps coming back to us is EMPOWER. When people donate to our youth, it gives them a chance to shine. Which is empowering. In fact, through our business model you can empower 6 different audiences.

What does mPower6 mean?

empower [em-pou-er] verb. To give someone the authority or power to do something.

To make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

The number 6 points to the 6 audiences we aim to empower:

  • Students
  • Family
  • Team
  • School
  • Community
  • Charity

What can you fund with mPower6?

Whether you coach a basketball team that needs equipment or are a band director wanting the highest quality instruments for the talent you lead, mPower6 makes fundraising easy in just the right ways for the leader while helping your students learn the importance of giving back.

There are many good fundraising companies, so why should you choose mPower6? That’s easy! We get away from the current model of just asking for a handout. That’s a simple process, but what are your students or athletes learning from it? “I play a sport - can I have some money?” “I’m in the band - can I have some money?” “We need a new batting cage - please donate!” mPower6 wants to bring back values and real life lessons for the student, because, frankly, they need it. What do they need? Simple - they need to work for it, and give back!