Our Process

Our 6-part system of onboarding customers makes for a seamless path to personal growth for our youth and successful fundraising.

1. Huddle Up

If you or your program has an interest in learning more about mPower6 and our unique fundraising ideas, we would love to talk. “Huddle up” with an mP6 representative for a free consultation to discover all of the benefits that we can provide. Let’s talk to see if we are a “great fit” for your needs.

2. Gameplan

We are confident that you will embrace our ideas. Once a decision has been made to use mP6 for your fundraising needs, we will develop a “game plan”. What are we raising funds for? How long will campaign last? What charity are we going to mPower? In what fashion are you going to mPower that charity?

3. Starting Line

Once a start date has been chosen for your campaign, mPower6 will reach out to your charity of choice to inform them of your intentions. mP6 will lean on you as the team leader to inform and instruct your players to form a list of emails and cell phone numbers needed to reach out to prospective donors. Once this information is gathered and entered into the app we can begin.

4. Rally Time

mPower6 will reach out to your list of prospective donors with an email/text message requesting help for your program’s fundraising goals. Through email, text, and social media mP6 will “rally the troops” and help your program and charity of choice reach your funding goals.

5. Team Builder

Time to give back and make a change! At mPower6 we don’t believe in handouts. Now it’s time to execute our game plan, and help to mPower your charity of choice. Whether it is through community service or donating a percentage of your proceeds, your players will learn the importance of teamwork and service. Additionally, they will develop a sense of pride knowing they have given back to the same community that has supported them during this fundraising campaign.

6. Finish Line

A typical campaign will last 3-4 weeks, with one message going out from mPower6 per week to your provided list of prospective donors. Once we reach the “finish line”, mP6 will send your program a check from the raised funds.

Once we reach the “finish line”, mP6 will send your program a check from the raised funds.

Why should you choose mPower6?

That’s easy! Because what the kids learn at this age can shape the rest of their lives. It might just be one funding event, but the impact of adopting a higher purpose is multi-dimensional: it can spread wide and far through the lives of the athletes and everyone they impact through growth in character.

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