Our Audiences

What does mPower6 mean?

empower [em-pou-er] verb. To give someone the authority or power to do something.

To make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

The number 6 points to the 6 audiences we aim to empower:

mPowering Students

Instead of roaming the streets, our youth need to be out chasing their dreams.

mPowering Family

Through your generous donations you are giving these hard working families a little bit of a financial break.

mPowering Teams

Being part of a team gives students opportunities to experience things they may have never envisioned.

mPowering Schools

When your students take pride in their sports teams or clubs, everything is a little better.

mPowering Communities

Through your generosity you can make the community a better place, a place to be proud of.

mPowering Charities

Each campaign will pick a charity to donate to.

Why should you choose mPower6?

That’s easy! Because what the kids learn at this age can shape the rest of their lives. It might just be one funding event, but the impact of adopting a higher purpose is multi-dimensional: it can spread wide and far through the lives of the athletes and everyone they impact through growth in character.


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We aren’t just raising money, we are raising consciousness.