mPower6 featured in the Post-Courier

This article appeared in the Charleston Post and Courier May 6, 2019.

“For high school coaches, fundraising is a job that never ends.

There’s always a need for new equipment and uniforms, money for travel costs and facility upgrades.

But for his James Island High School team’s latest effort, baseball coach Matt Spivey wanted something different than the usual crowdfunding apps now in vogue.

“Everybody is doing crowdfunding now,” Spivey said. “But you hear all the time that the kids don’t have to do anything to raise the money. And that’s important for our kids, that it’s not just ‘Get a list of names and see if they will give us money.’”

Spivey found his solution in mPower6, a youth-sports fundraising company founded by former Citadel baseball assistant coach David Beckley. The system connects youth and high school sports fundraising efforts with charities or other worthy causes.”

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