Why Choose mPower6

Dear Coach or Leader:

Why Should You Choose mPower6?


There are many good fundraising companies, so why should you choose mPower6? That’s easy! We get away from the current model of just asking for a handout. That’s a simple process, but what are your students or athletes learning from it? “I play a sport – can I have some money?” “I’m in the band – can I have some money?” “We need a new batting cage – please donate!” mPower6 wants to bring back values and real life lessons for the student, because, frankly, they need it. What do they need? Simple – they need to work for it, and give back! We’ve done our research; the donors are not happy with the current model. In fact, many parents refuse to even participate in a campaign because they are embarrassed to ask for a handout. We know this system can be better! mPower6 is going to change it! Each fundraising campaign that we sponsor will be attached to a team builder/community service project that the student will be a part of. As the decision maker for your team or organization, you can take pride in knowing what your students will learn by choosing mPower6.


As the leader of your current program, you are fully aware of the responsibility and trust that each family puts into your guidance and expertise. They trust you to be a parental figure in their son or daughter’s life, and expect you to teach them well beyond the classroom or field. During the season, you may even spend more time with their child than they do! mPower6 can help you raise significant money for your program which in turn will alleviate some of the financial burden traditional placed on the family. And the opportunity that you are presenting to their child is just as important, a chance to grow as a person through work and service in the community. Families will benefit and they will be grateful.


Instead of walking door to door to ask strangers to buy doughnuts or magazines to help fund your program, mPower6 wants to make better use of your time. First of all, most donors do not want the item you are selling – they would rather hand you a $20 bill. We want to improve that method. Through our online technology, you can raise funds quickly and easily, allowing more time for practice and more time to serve in the community rather than roaming neighborhoods for donations. Additionally, we’re always searching for something that can develop a little extra unity for our participating teams and mPower6 can consult with you about team building activities or trips that bring a little magic to the season. We want our teams to experience the joy and importance of giving back to the community. As the leader of the program, you can help your team experience growth, both personally and as a group, through community efforts.


Most school programs are allowed to have a fundraiser or two for the year to help purchase the items they need or desire. What if your school chose mPower6 for their fundraising needs? Not just your program, but all of them. I want you to imagine the lives that your school could impact! Think about the morale and spirit that would surround your school. Everyone can work together with charities to serve your community with pride, while raising the necessary funds needed to operate. Let’s take a closer look at how impactful this could be if all of these programs utilized mPower6, because we can and want to serve all of the following:

Academic Clubs Drama Club Lacrosse Softball
Band Equestrian Rifle Step Team
Baseball Field Hockey ROTC ROTC
Basketball Football Row Team Tennis
Cheerleading Golf Rugby Track
Chorus Gymnastics Sailing Volleyball
Cross Country Hockey Skiing Water Polo
Dance Team Karate Soccer Wrestling



Why choose mPower6? Plain and simple – your community is going to benefit. First, we are going to be molding your students into better citizens – making your community a better place to live. Second, your community will welcome the service project that your organization decides to provide. And local charities will receive monetary donations from our campaign as well.


mPower6 partners with many charities and that list continues to grow. We want to give back with service and with donations to help make a difference. What a great feeling it will be knowing that some of the proceeds that are raised will go to empowering a charity of your choice. Most of the charities are willing to share your campaign in their social media world as well, spreading awareness to their cause and to yours. This will allow your campaign to discover another audience that otherwise might not be reached – creating more funds for you and for them!