Unprecedented times

We are obviously in unprecedented times. My business, mPower6 revolves around raising funds for sports teams in conjunction with a selected charity partner. With no sports being played right now, there is not as much fundraising going on. As an avid sports fan there is a shortage to follow or report on. With no sports, we are missing out on some of the magical memories that we all crave! My absolute favorite thing to watch and follow is March Madness. It saddens me to see that fade away. There is no shining moment for us to remember right now on the basketball court. Baseball dugouts are empty. The Masters Golf Tournament is currently postponed. No matter what sport you love and follow we all feel a little lost without it.

Our heroes are stepping up in many ways!

However, what you are seeing is many of our athletes and organizations shine in other ways! Augusta National – home of The Masters – just donated $2 million dollars to Coronavirus response efforts! I am a Chicago Cubs fan so I’ll brag on two of our guys who are shining – Anthony Rizzo and Jason Heyward. Rizzo, my favorite player and name of my dog – is feeding the medical staff at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, one of the premier children hospitals in the United States. Through the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation, he is looking out for our frontline defenders in this war. He is also purchasing the food through Chicago area restaurants – who are affected like all of us by this pandemic. Our star outfielder Jason Heyward just donated $200,000 to two charitable organizations in the Chicago area to assist those in need. MASK Chicago and Greater Chicago Food Depository were both recipients of $100,000 donations to aid in powering through these tough times!

A Better Way To Fundraise – GIVE BACK!


Truth is, they do it way more than we ever even know. I also have some heroes that I would like to brag on! As mentioned above, I own a start-up fundraising company that centers around raising funds for sports teams online utilizing today’s technology. However, any team that uses our platform is required to give back to the community by either donating a portion of their proceeds to a charity of their choice or they can choose community service. We strive to make each fundraising campaign a growth experience for our youth by connecting them to a higher cause. Our hope is that it sparks a fire to continue to give back well beyond their fundraiser. We also believe it’s a better way to honor the donor, who would rather see our youth doing good in the community – not asking for a handout.

A Win for MUSC Children’s Hospital and Philip Simmons High School Golf Program

Ok, on to the real reason for this article…time to boast on one of our clients, Philip Simmons High School Golf Program out of Charleston, SC. They just completed a fundraiser created to assist with their costs of operations and needed equipment. They decided to partner their campaign with MUSC Children’s Health in honor of The Trowbridge Family. Claire Trowbridge – a sibling of one of the current Philip Simmons High School students – is battling Leukemia. Led by their head coach Ashley Harvey – who actively participated in the fundraiser himself – these Iron Horse golfers will be presenting a check of $1000 to the children’s hospital! Through the generous donations of family and friends near and dear to their golf program, these student-athletes were able to raise the funds needed for their golf season, as well as donate to this great cause.

Nonprofits Need Us More Than Ever

In this time of need, our non-profits will be impacted tremendously. They rely on donations and generosity from our general public and industry leaders. Mark Cuban – who has been very helpful with advice to small business owners – mentioned on Linked In the other day that he believes that nonprofits need to merge together. I am proud knowing that mPower6 has already done this. Many people and companies will be highlighted during these tough times for stepping up and they should! I am proud of the mPower6 vision. I am proud of the head coaches that decide to use our platform because they believe in the importance of teaching our youth to give back! I am proud that our company created a platform that will continually step up for our charitable organizations. Not just during a pandemic. We were doing this before the Coronavirus and we will be doing it long after the outbreak. Stay safe

Written by: David Beckley Founder of mPower6 and E4 Consultants
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