Sara’s Cure showing appreciation in their inclusion in Growth Under Pressure, a campaign based on dealing with the Coronavirus crisis by reaching out to help those even more affected.

This campaign promotes donating to nonprofits in survival mode because of the pandemic with an inspiring message:

“We can either shrink or grow under pressure. Let’s grow. Being a leader instead of a victim means looking for how you can help those impacted even more than you. It means appreciating the resources you have and organizing them to best help those in need. If it’s affecting you, their empathy means they’ll appreciate your help all the more.”

Growth Under Pressure was conceived and initiated by Chris McNeil of Thaut with David Beckley of mPower6 to repurpose the fundraising platform that Thaut’s sister company 5th Level Web built and rally mPower6’s family of youth sports teams already bonded together with the higher purpose of giving back as part of their own fundraising through their unique charity partnership fundraising program.

The youth athletes and their coaches who are coming together under this higher purpose in the absence of their normal sports season are inspiring more and more businesses and people to rally together under this higher purpose.

The growing list of businesses and charities involved in Growth Under Pressure includes Ross Printing, who is donating an extensive direct mailing to support the campaign, and the Charleston Harbor Entrepreneur Center along with startup companies like Social Circle who are involved in the 2020 accelerator program that Thaut and mPower6 are also a part of.

Click here to learn more about the growing list of partner business and charities involved in the campaign.