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We aren’t just raising money, we are making an impact.

mPower6 Campaigns Serve Our Youth

A better way to fundraise is to teach our youth to give back

schools or athletic departments | teams or clubs | individuals

mPower6 is fundraising that makes a difference

Each campaign partners with a charity of team’s choice.

schools or athletic departments | teams or clubs | individuals

Schools or Athletic Departments

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mPower6 for funding

We aren’t just raising money; we are making a difference.
Schools or Athletic Departments / Teams or Clubs / Individuals

mPower6 provides fundraising with an app for entire schools and athletic departments, sports teams and extra-curricular clubs, as well as individuals of all ages. They use our platform to reach out to family, friends, and the general public for donations.

The ease of the mPower6 app allows the coach or director to focus on their student athletes and their program.
However, fundraising shouldn’t just be about ease. For our future leaders, we believe it should be more about growth and giving back to the community.

So mPower6 also connects our participants to a higher purpose by partnering with charities for their fundraising campaigns. Youth athletes might pay it forward with volunteer work, share a portion of the proceeds with the sponsored charity, or a combination of both.


If we only provided the easy app, we would be teaching our youth nothing about the value of money and giving. We become like everyone else. We are asking hard-working people to donate hard-earned dollars to your cause. They are empowering you! We believe they should be honored. Our campaigns do that by having our teams and youth give back to the community! Adopting a higher cause through the charity partnerships supports the athletes in becoming better people as well.
This is where mPower6 separates itself from any other way to raise funds.
When you step back and look at the whole of the athletes’ lives, what they learn at this age can shape everything they do in the future. When they gain character, we all win. After all, life is a team sport and this builds a better team player.


Customized website and Digital Outreach

Saves valuable time for coaches, athletes, and donors.

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What does mPower6 mean?

All fundraisers are empowering.  Supporters give you the power through donation to get the resources you need to compete. mPower6 fundraisers are different.  Each campaign creates an entire wave of empowerment.  By giving back our teams and our youth are growing as we raise – creating a fundraising experience where everyone wins!


The number 6 points to the 6 audiences we aim to empower:

mPowering Students

mPowering Family

mPowering Teams

mPowering Schools

mPowering Communities

mPowering Charities

Are You Ready to be Part of mP6?

Why should you choose mPower6?

That’s easy! Because what the kids learn at this age can shape the rest of their lives. It might just be one funding event, but the impact of adopting a higher purpose is multi-dimensional: it can spread wide and far through the lives of the athletes and everyone they impact through growth in character.

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We aren’t just raising money, we are making a difference.